Evropean Mobility Week was recognized also in cities of Czech Republic. This is of course an opportunity to show the potential of the cargobikes to the public. Národní třída Avenue in Prague the September 22, 2016 turned into a human promenade, where the daily transport of materials was provided by cargo bikes. In the nearby areas operated around 20 special bicycles. Pleasant Street was car-free and there was also pleasant climate measured, as can be seen in the graph below (source cyklomesta.cz).


Graf pevné částice

Michael Polák managed to use his experiences from the suntrip competition in Spoje.net company.

CykloTruck CT2S by Spoje.net

A significant step in the cycle logistics yesterday tried to representatives of Systematica company and the developers of cargobikes CykloTruck. To park loaded cargo bike into a parking tower at Futurum business cenrte in Hradec Kralove.

Biketower Futurum Hradec Kralove

How to load, move and unload goods comfortably. Do campaign or event. This is what tries CykloTruck marked CT4T.

Biketower Futurum Hradec Kralove

CykloTruck Retro 3.2

Custom cargo-retro combination. Colors and stainless steel also available.