The second year of the cargo bicycle festival is held in the Czech Republic. The Altenburg 1964 cargo ship is the right place to meet fans of cycle logistics. There is also possible to see one solar cargobike user between the continents. Read feefback of HERE.


Saturday 27.10.2018
11-12h ATG races, registration for races, snidanoobedy, custom cargobikekitchen with accompanying program cargobike homebuilders
13 - 16h Zavod cargokol and others - checkpoints, luggage, checkpoints (the proposals will be specified, Holesovice will fill the cargocola)
17:30 - 19h promise of traveler M.Polak 12,000km to solarium lehocargokole from France to Cine - SunTrip 2018
19 - 20h - Live discussions, debates, gigs
20 - 24h bands and freestyle (Cargo DJ's, AngryTableFlip

Sunday 28.10.2018
8 - 9:45 - ATG Krafani, packs of non prague visitors, coffee, tea, hangover
10h Start of bike ride and other non-motorized vehicles in Prague city center and slowly dissolve min. to 12h