Bakfiet - dutch cargo bike, which can carry comfortably several children with chopping for whole week. Robust steel frame is hand made in Czech republic is equipped with 8 speed rear hub gearbox and front drum brake hub English company Sturmey Archer.


Can be ordered in various colors (RAL pattern) and customized solution of loading space. This bike is able to carry persons, animals or objects up to 80kg. Thanks to low load center it is also easily manageable. If you have big family or your company delivers staff in the city center, Bottico could be a good choice. 

Weight: 18 kg

Gearbox: 8 gears hub, Sturmey Archer

Colors: red

Technology: Advanced

Frame: Hand made CZ, steel

Front Hub: Integrated dynamo with drum brake - Sturmey Archer (UK)

Rear Hub: 8 speed with drum brake - Sturmey Archer (UK)

Bottom Bracket: bearing encased Kinex (SK)

Brakes: drum Sturmey Archer (UK)

Other equipment: Lights, matguards, wood tippers with bank, rear rack

Delivery time from order: 3-4 weeks

Price (CZK include VAT): from 31.239,-