As of 1st of November 2019, company called has launched goods delivery service in Prague for large e-shop Alza. Utilizing cargo bikes of their very own design, known as CycloTrucks, these vehicles not only allow for a cargo load of up to 100 kgs, but also fit well with low pollution policies which major European cities tend to enforce at their congestion zones. "Cargo bikes are a very efficient and eco-friendly way of goods delivery within heavily congested areas and zones with strict traffic restrictions in place", Mr. Strupl, the technical director of, says. Commenting on cargo bike design evolution, Mr. Strupl adds: " The quality of used materials and components was of utmost importance to us, as well as carefully thought-through functional design, as we are well aware of the high safety and reliability standards our heavy duty cargo bikes need to meet under any conditions " As per the spokesman of, this service launch is another significant event in their history since the company was established back in 2011, and are already actively seeking opportunities to expand their services to other logistics companies which do care about minimizing their environmental footprint at heavily populated urban areas.