How to load, move and unload goods comfortably. Do campaign or event. This is what tries CykloTruck marked CT4T.

Biketower Futurum Hradec Kralove

A significant step in the cycle logistics yesterday tried to representatives of Systematica company and the developers of cargobikes CykloTruck. To park loaded cargo bike into a parking tower at Futurum business cenrte in Hradec Kralove.

Biketower Futurum Hradec Kralove

After nearly 8000km trip Michael returned back to Prague. Check his blog here:

CykloTruck Retro 3.2

Custom cargo-retro combination. Colors and stainless steel also available.

We admire a brave and innovative crew of custom tandem machine Leona and Michael, who have chosen to participate in international competition SunTrip 2015