Michael made more than v 12200km on his trip from Lyonu to Guangzhou. He also reached the height 3800m nad mořem.


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The rich program has been prepared during the three-day bike-logistics conference by 37 speakers from more than 10 European countries. As a delegate a specialist for transport development of the City of Prague Mgr.Sylva Švihelová was welcome.

Txita Consolidation Centre: Obsluhovanou oblast města je nejlépe si namalovat na podlahu.

As major European cities have developed and expanded over the years, they have also become increasingly congested and harder to navigate. One creative solution to this onslaught of traffic is the cargobike. Able to carry a variety of items of different weights, read on to discover what the cargobike has done and continues to do for the way we think of transportation and delivery in Europe; and how the Cycle Logistics Federation is working to solidify these thoughts.

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Ecomm 2013

At the upcoming ECOMM2013 (European Conference on Mobility Management), there will be a special session on the "approach for freight and deliveries". The deadline for the submission of papers is 10 December.