The International CargoBike Festival was held this year for the first time in Berlin and because there was really a lot to show, the Tempelhof Airport was the right place to choose. Not only Radkutche and Urban Arrow are clear about the fact that it goes without diesel too. However, in the streets of Berlin, it was obvious that it goes without electricity and no helm for children. The next couple of pictures try to capture the relaxed atmosphere not only at the venue of the festival. Female cargo races with frosted hair, cargobikerecycles (bicycles made up of used bicycles or parts), gardening colony and the widest cycle path across the southern city. Even though our solar special had to turn in front of Dresden because of the burned solar power control unit, which did not understand the regenerative braking from the hills in Bohemian Switzerland, we have a lot of data to analyze. What could not be captured was Saturday's cycle ride around 300 cargobikes in the streets of Berlin's early evening. Perhaps next time we will be able to participate with some of our machines at full speed.